METS Mission and History


Build and engage the  diverse community of students transferring into the College of Engineering. Provide programs/services that ensure the academic, professional and social support to graduate.

METS or Michigan Engineering Transfer Support are a set of programs designed to ensure that Engineering Transfer Students experience a seamless transition from their previous postsecondary educational institutions to the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering.  These programs are evolving and developing, however, there main goal is to support transfer students with all aspects of their College of Engineering experience from enhancing their academic development to becoming a Wolverine.

Our transfer students include:
– Cross campus,
– Domestic (AUC-DDEP, 4-year & Community Colleges),
– International (which includes SJTU & Exchange)


The number of students transferring into the College of Engineering has been increasing every year.

Representatives from various departments in the CoE, worked as a team to establish the Michigan Engineering Transfer Support (METS) program in 2009.

One of the purposes of METS was to provide the opportunity for students transferring into the CoE to have the same level of support as FTIAC students to ensure their continued academic success.